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QApt::Backend Class Reference

#include <backend.h>

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Detailed Description

The main entry point for performing operations with the dpkg database.

Backend encapsulates all the needed logic to perform most apt operations. It implements the initializing of the database and all requests to/for the database. Please note that you _MUST_ call init() before doing any further operations to the backend, or else risk encountering undefined behavior.

Jonathan Thomas

Definition at line 50 of file backend.h.

Public Slots

void answerWorkerQuestion (const QVariantMap &response)
void cancelDownload ()
void commitChanges ()
bool loadSelections (const QString &path)
void markPackageForInstall (const QString &name)
void markPackageForRemoval (const QString &name)
void markPackagesForDistUpgrade ()
void markPackagesForUpgrade ()
void packageChanged (Package *package)
void redo ()
void restoreCacheState (const CacheState &state)
void saveCacheState ()
bool saveSelections (const QString &path) const
void undo ()
void updateCache ()
void updateXapianIndex ()


void commitProgress (const QString &status, int percentage)
void downloadMessage (int flag, const QString &message)
void downloadProgress (int percentage, int speed, int ETA)
void errorOccurred (QApt::ErrorCode error, const QVariantMap &details)
void packageChanged ()
void questionOccurred (QApt::WorkerQuestion question, const QVariantMap &details)
void warningOccurred (QApt::WarningCode warning, const QVariantMap &details)
void workerEvent (QApt::WorkerEvent event)

Public Member Functions

GroupList availableGroups () const
PackageList availablePackages () const
 Backend ()
CacheState currentCacheState () const
qint64 downloadSize () const
bool init ()
qint64 installSize () const
bool isBroken () const
bool isRedoStackEmpty () const
bool isUndoStackEmpty () const
PackageList markedPackages () const
bool openXapianIndex ()
QString origin (QString originLabel) const
QString originLabel (const QString &origin) const
QStringList originLabels () const
Packagepackage (const QString &name) const
int packageCount (const Package::States &states) const
int packageCount () const
void reloadCache ()
PackageList search (const QString &searchString) const
PackageList upgradeablePackages () const
bool xapianIndexNeedsUpdate () const
virtual ~Backend ()

Protected Member Functions

pkgSourceList * packageSourceList () const

Protected Attributes

BackendPrivate *const d_ptr

Private Slots

void emitErrorOccurred (int errorCode, const QVariantMap &details)
void emitWarningOccurred (int warningCode, const QVariantMap &details)
void emitWorkerEvent (int event)
void emitWorkerQuestionOccurred (int question, const QVariantMap &details)
void serviceOwnerChanged (const QString &name, const QString &oldOwner, const QString &newOwner)
void workerFinished (bool result)
void workerStarted ()

Private Member Functions

Packagepackage (pkgCache::PkgIterator &iter) const


class Package
class PackagePrivate

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